Wake Up Light Alarm for iPhone 6 Plus

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A sunrise light is a great way to wake up in the morning, however on your bedside table you always have your phone, this maybe used as a back up alarm, or just sat charging away through the night ready for tomorrow. There is a good array of wake up light alarm clocks to choose from however when it comes to Wake Up Lights for the iPhone 6 or higher, then the selection is some what limited to put it mildly.

Wake Up Light for iPhone 6

If you have a iPhone 5 or higher, so the iPhone 5, 5s, 6, or 6s then the Philips HF3550/60 iPhone Controlled Wake-Up sunrise Light is what you need. The only catch is that you will also need to be an official Apple 30 pin to thunderbolt adapter.

Philips HF3550/60 iPhone Controlled Wake-Up Light


This is a fantastic wake up light from Philips, it has an Apple design and feel to it and will look great next to your iPhone.

It has a 20 dimmer light setting, adjustable sunrise simulation, and a sunset feature to help you nod off in the evening. There are 8 wake-up sounds to choose from which you can set up and adjust using your phone and the Philips wake app. No need for any fiddly buttons, just use your phone to set up the alarm, when you wish to wake up, what sound you want to go off if any and also adjust the brightness.

To operate and adjust this light you must use your phone and the iPhone app, without it the light will not function, or be adjusted.

Important Note

You can use an iPhone/iPad 5 with the Philips Wake-Up Light by purchasing the Lightning to 30-pin adapter from Apple. It converts the previous Apple generation port to the 5 series and higher. It is important to purchase the official apple adapter to ensure it works, there are some reports and comments that unofficial adapters will not work or causes issues.

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