About Us

We love the perfect nights sleep! When I bought my first sunrise wake up alarm I couldn’t believe how different I felt in the morning. The sound of my phone vibrating and the ringing coming from it as the alarm I had set on it goes off was a horrible feeling and sound.

I decided to try a sunrise wake up light and it has made a massive difference, there are no more horrible feelings or sounds when getting up, those feelings have gone. Waking up to a warm light is a great feeling, without doing anything you wake up feeling more ready for the day, ready to get up, your body feels energised and ready knowing it shall be getting up soon.

After buying my first one which was quite cheap as I wanted to see if they really do work I have now bought a better Phillips model which I love. It looks great and has lots of other useful features that my cheaper one didn’t.

I am now always recommend people get one and telling friends about them and the difference it has made to me when getting up in the morning. So yes I love my wake uplight and created this site to share information about them and also why everyone should get one!


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