Philips Somneo Review: The Best Sleep and Wake-Up Light?

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Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake-Up light  review
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Summary: Fall asleep relaxed always and wake up refreshed with the Philips Sleep and Wake-up Light with Relax Breath. It brings with it an array of amazing features that will definitely make you fall in love with it. Its simulated sunrise wakes you naturally always.

Fall asleep relaxed always and wake up refreshed with the Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake-up Light with Relax Breath. It brings with it an array of amazing features that will definitely make you fall in love with it. Its simulated sunrise wakes you naturally always.

Here are some of the incredible attributes you can look forward to in the Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake-up Light with Relax Breath:

  • A contemporary design that consists of midnight light, speaker and USB
  • Offers a gradual and natural wake-up via a sunrise simulation
  • Relax and then fall asleep refreshed always courtesy of the choice of 7 guided breathing exercises

Quick Stats

LED Light
Alarm Sounds
USB Port
Minute Wake Up

Philips Somneo Review

We check out and review the Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake-Up Light, the latest sunrise wake up light from Philips that has a new design and new features.


Philips somneo features

One of the most impressive attributes about the philips somneo has to do with its midnight reading light. It brings with it an ideal lux level that allows you to read comfortably prior to sleeping. When you’re using the Relax Breath feature or sunset simulation, the auto shut-off will turn-off the light after a set timeframe.

While sleeping, the illuminated alarm clock dims completely to darken the room. When you turn it on at the middle of the night, it offers enough light for you to discover your way in the dark thus enabling you to get out of bed without the quaking brightness to your senses. You can effortlessly set personalized control for your alarm clock scheduler and light intensity.

The other great feature that’ll make you fall in love with the philips somneo alarm clock is the fact that it simulates natural sunrise. This great feature is normally inspired by nature’s sunrise. Through the feature, light increases gradually before you wake up from soft morning orange through red, until the entire room is filled with a bright yellow light.

The entire process of transforming and escalating light is tailored to stimulate the body to naturally wake up while you’re still asleep. Once light fills the room, the selected radio station or natural sound completes the whole wake up experience, thus leaving you always ready for the day.

The sunset simulation to sleep is the other great feature that you can look forward to when you buy the Philips Somneo sleep and wake-up light with Relax Breath. The simulation of the sunset feature effectively prepares the body to sleep by slowly decreasing optional sound and light to your set duration thus gently assisting you to unwind and relax before falling asleep.

You can also look forward the alarm clock and its smart touch display for effortless device control. It has a seamlessly integrated multi-level touch display that allows you to set your selected parameters fast and intuitively. All you need to do is approach the display with any of your hands and then control your light by the mere touch of buttons. By doing that, the light will adjust the brightness levels automatically to the level of light within your room. The other option you have is to completely switch off the display. This is an incredible feature to any user. There’s no doubt about that.

Modern design

The alarm clock’s modern design adds such a classy style to your bedroom. it features a stylish and sleek design that evokes the sun’s shape. Its functional elements are hidden. It has setting controls that you can access effortlessly on the surfaces’ touchscreen of light-backlit by LED. It’s visible upon activation thus giving it a streamlined and smooth look. The best attribute about its contemporary and delicate design is the fact that it can fit perfectly into any décor.

Light-guided Wind-down Function

The Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake-Up Light brings with it the impressive light-guided and wind-down function that’s inspired by popular relaxation and breathing techniques. The function is great at getting you to sleep by assisting you to relax from the activities of the day. All you need to do is follow one out the seven rhythms of sound or light intensity with your breathing while keeping your eyes closed for a peaceful and calm transition from the harsh day to your beautiful dreams.

Many Brightness Settings


Phlips Somnoe bedside table

Different people have different light sensitivities. For instance, a brightness level that might instantly wake you up might not even budge someone else. A variety of light settings allows you to choose which light intensity level is right for you. Generally, when you set the brightness to a higher light intensity, you’ll need less time to be fully awake. Whenever you are not going to wake up or sleep, then the wake up light bulb becomes an adjustable reading or bedside light.

Numerous Music and Sound Options

With the philips somneo, you can always wake up to your favorite FM radio station, ambient music or nature sounds. Your selected sound will plat softly during your next wake up time. it gradually increases in terms of volume to a pre-set level within just a couple of minutes. The change from sleeping to waking is gentle. It’s intended to ultimately get you to be fully awake. All you need to do is connect your mobile gadget or tablet to a AUX port of the alarm clock in order to change the light to a speaker.

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Included In The Box


Philips somneo unboxing indepth
  • Instruction manual
  • Adaptor
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Philips Somneo sleep and wake-up light
  • Power cord

Philips somneo unboxing


It’s specially designed to assist you sleep, relax and wake up refreshed. Relax Breath provides light-guided breathing that’s handy at helping you relax prior to your sleep. Its simulation of the sunset goes miles to prepare your body to sleep.

The Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake-Up Light might be expensive to some folks. However, it makes rising up in the morning enjoyable and a lot easier. The light assists you wake up. It brings with it the sunset feature that’s helps users sleep stress free. Finally yet importantly, you’ll find the bedside reading light attribute that’s adjustable to be magical. Therefore, while it might be a little bit pricey, this alarm clock offers plenty.

Without a doubt, it boasts everything you need in such a product.

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Philips SOMNEO Sleep & Wake-Up Light Therapy Lamp Sunrise Alarm and Sunset Fading Night Light, White (HF3651/60)
  • Light-guided breathing helps you relax to sleep Inspired by well-known breathing and relaxation exercises our light-guided wind-down function is designed to help get you to sleep by helping you decompress from the days activities and unwind. Follow one of seven rhythms of light intensity or sound with your breathing while keeping your eyes closed for a calm and peaceful transition from your day to your dreams
  • Sunset simulation prepares your body for sleep The sunset simulation program prepares your body to sleep by gradually decreasing light and optional sound to your set duration, gently helping you to relax before you fall asleep.
  • Choose the sound or music you wake up to Wake up to nature sounds, ambient music or your favorite local FM radio station. At your set wake up time your selected sound will start to play softly, and gradually increase in volume to your pre-set level within a few minutes. The transition from sleep to waking is gentle, but intended to eventually get you fully awake. Connect your mobile device or tablet to the AUX port to turn the light into a speaker.

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