Lumie Vitamin L SAD Slim Lightbox Review

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Lumie Vitamin L Review
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Summary: The slim look and appearance is portable easy to store and carry. It is easy to use and thus one of the best light therapy device for personal or recommended use like the for the seasonal affective disorder.

Getting exhausted and feeling the dizzness of waking up in the morning is getting past the time. This has been checked and now the equivalent portion of light is given out in a more magnification using the lumie vitamin L. Body therapy is one of the boosting healthy features that has been developed to enhance and improve body mechanism.

In the wake of the technological advancement is the lumie vitamin L that is a slim light therapy device. You can use it anywhere at home, office, school for its convenience use and appropriate result.

Lumie Vitamin L Review

Lumie vitamin L therapy device is a portable and easy to use. It comes with a protective gear from the ultra-violent rays of the sun to those that are sensitive and allergic with the sun light. As a way to boost your body function, get stimulated, warmth and alertness of the whole body and increasing the energy levels of the body this device is vital.

The slim design enhances a well and convenience performance you would expect from the big portion of light display. It produces light five times more than the normal bask of the sun. It can be placed at a comfortable place within the stipulated distance.

Features of lumie vitamin L

It uses the natural light to boost and increase the body mechanism, function and enable the body pick up the lost strengths. The distance between the body and the placing of lumie is almost 20cm it yields results by providing 10,000 lux therapy light. Using both the portrait and landscape position helps the patient use it for around 30 minutes’ treatment.

It comes with Landscape and portrait design big enough to allow you refresh your body. The white Led lights and rippled diffuser help in getting you soft and comfortable light. The skin is generous for attaining an optimal light distribution and conversion.

This is a certified medical device to be used with the prescription of 30 minutes. It shields you for the UV light rays that has resulted to many skin cancers and skin complication and allergies across the globe.


The lumie vitamin L is one of the simplest body therapy devices to use. It can be used anywhere and most especially by those who are indoors. The light magnification gives the perfect start of your day by allowing that slim device get you the amount of light therapy you need for your refreshments.Those indoors can enjoy the light provision within the comfort of their areas. It provides the stimulation of the body and boosting your morale of the body.

Within the stipulated time of 30 minutes, it is believed and proven that the light produced helps you release the happy hormone and keeping you alert and awake. The distance is about 20 cm. This has not given the possibilities of affecting your health, not the device capable of causing ambiguous effects in the long run.

Rating and satisfaction

It is one of the product rated five star by majority of the users. They say it is simple to use and the needed information is shared in its package. The Led light changes gradually and gives an additional sense in your body boosting by providing an enhanced body mechanism.

The horizontal and vertical choice is another addition and rated feature because one conveniently finds a way forward to use it. It has helped in the seasonal changes and therefore helping you get up right and in the stipulated time. You never lose focus anymore nor the morning boredom, it us a perfect device for your body boost and alertness.


Lumie vitamin L is used by anyone at any given place. It has favored those that find themselves indoors and may lack limited time to bask in the sun. The slim look and appearance is portable easy to store and carry. It is easy to use and thus one of the best light therapy device for personal or recommended use like the for the seasonal affective disorder.

Having gotten the approval from the health institution, it has helped in getting the right devices to yield perfect results.

Lumie Vitamin L - Slim Light Therapy Lamp, Simulates Daylight, Improves Mood & Energy
  • Lumie Vitamin L is the slim light therapy solution you can take with you to improve mood, energy and focus at home, work or college.
  • Vitamin L produces 10,000 lux (measured at 6") with 30 minutes recommended to boost mood, concentration and energy
  • Portrait or landscape position - generous surface area with cool white LEDs and rippled diffuser for a soft, comfortable light.

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