Lumie Brightspark SAD Lightbox Review

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Lumie Brightspark SAD Lightbox Review
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Summary: A powerful 10,000 lux SAD light that really works, simple to use and very very effective. Over 39 5 star reviews on Amazon UK, so it really does work and really does help.

The Lumie Brightspark SAD lightbox is a device that emits light from two special bulbs to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), sleep disorders as well as the capability to boost your moods, energy or concentration level. As the season change and slowly summer turns to autumn the Winter, you may not realize it but your mood and energy also tend to slump downwards with the weather. For some, this is not a big problem but according to research, every 1 out of 4 people in the UK experience severe winter blues or the SAD syndrome which can lead to depression, lethargy and make the patient very unproductive. Fortunately, light therapy has been proven to counter these effects successfully.


How the Brightspark SAD Lightbox works

Numerous published that the above mentioned effects of winter blues are as a result of the reduction to being exposed to light. These studies also found that being exposed to brighter lights during a generally dark weather period will make you alert, energized and upbeat. The Lumie Brightspark SAD lightbox resets your internal body clock which usually tells you when to sleep and when to stay awake, depending on the intensity at which light is reaching your eyes regularly. The body controls your sleep pattern via a small group of cells at the back of your brain. When there exists irregular sleep routines, or poorly-lit environments such as that of winter, it leads to the feeling of being sluggish even though you may try to stay awake. A higher light intensity tells the brain that it is daytime and hence important to stay awake. Light therapy also reduces significantly the amount of melatonin and serotonin levels in your blood through the production of cortisol. Melatonin is a hormone that tells your brain that it is dark and time to sleep while serotonin is a hormone responsible for causing depression.

The Brightspark lightbox provides a high dose of light which can be used by teenagers and adults to get up easily in the morning by resetting their internal clocks as well as making them feel bright and refreshed during the day yet always ready to sleep during the night. It keeps you up and running whether you are having a lazy afternoon or a sleepy nightshift by supplying extra lights which stimulates your senses better than any kind of coffee. For those suffering from chronic winter blues or SAD, most users have reported successful and satisfactory results.

The Brightspark lightbox produces a brightness level of 10,000 lux at a distance of 20 cm. Lux is simply a measure of brightness of light. While using the Brightsparl Lightboxes, you can keep track of the light brightness as well as the distance from your body while sitting naturally. These devices are medically certified and individually tested and verified, with the capability of producing 10000 lux as compared to 500 lux which is the standard brightness of a normal office. Brightspark is a product of the Cambridge-based company, Lumie, which has been specializing in light therapy products since 1993. They therefore have a lot of experience in light therapy and offer a number of various products such as the Lumie Clear Acne light for treating acnes and light alarm clocks.

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