Lumie Bodyclock ACTIVE 250 Wake-Up Alarm Clock Review

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Lumie Bodyclock ACTIVE 250 Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock
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Summary: A good sunrise wake up light by Lumie with all the features you could need, a simple device built with a simple design making it ideal for any bedroom.

The Lumie Bodyclock ACTIVE 250 Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock is the higher spec light from Lumie. For this you can a choice of different wake up alarms, it also has a FM radio built in and the bulb can be replaced.


The Active wake up alarm has all the features as the starter model also by Lumie but with a few extras. You can wake up to your favourite radio station using the built in FM radio, or you can choose from one the built in alarm sounds, dawn chorus, rooster call, waves and white noise.  Although the light wake you up gently and helps you feel relaxed in the morning the rooster call option wasn’t my favourite.

The light can be set to brighten up from 15 minutes all the way up to 90, although I’m sure most people will find around 30 minutes to be sufficient. As well as working as a wake up light using its sunrise feature it also has a sunset function helping you to fall asleep by dimming down while also playing a sound of your choice to if you wish.

Other features include a snooze function, an auto dimming display where the clock time is shown, and a back up beeper just incase you don’t wake up to the light. It can also be used as a reading light too, and turned on in the night if you get up.


The design is a space age orb looking like a digital alarm clock with a sunrise light on the top. It is a simple clean design which would suit any home, the buttons on it do look a little dated and basic but in its clean white finish it looks nice.



This model uses a halogen bulb instead of a LED light used on the Philips range, because of this the bulb may need changing when it goes however this is quick and easy to do and bulb will cost less than £5. Be warned that the top of the light will get warm from heat from bulb, so if you have children just be careful, and if you want the kids to have one then I would recommend looking at the Philips lights which use LEDs.

Ease of Use

The instructions are clear and easy to follow, the bulb is simple to connect however the menu and buttons are a little fiddly. The display is quite small so you have to cycle through a number of options to get what you are looking for, when setting the time it can be fiddly if you miss the option and end up setting the minutes of seconds instead of what you want.

That being said once set up and in use there is no real need to keep changing it overtime unless you need to set the alarm for different times each night.

Included in the box

  • 1 x Lumie Bodyclock ACTIVE 250 Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock
  • 1 x 42 watt bulb
  • Instruction manual
  • 2 year guarantee


The Lumie Bodyclock ACTIVE 250 Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock is a good wake up sunrise alarm, it has all the functions and feature you would want. At £100 it isn’t cheap but it will make a big different to how you feel when you get up in the morning. Compared to the top Philips models the real different is the style and design of the light, the Lumie is a lot simpler and basic looking and if you wanted something with more style then do take a look at the Philips sunrise lights.

Lumie Bodyclock Active 250 Wake-Up Light, Alarm Clock with FM Radio and Extra Audio Options
  • Simulates a natural and gradual sunrise which wakes you up gently. The standard settings are: An optional 0-minute sunset, A 0-minute sunrise, followed by an alarm beep.
  • Gradual sunset gives your body the signal to wind down, helping you to fall asleep
  • Optional backup beeper and power failure backup for reassurance

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