Improve your Sleep with Vitamin D

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Getting a good night’s sleep is harder than it sounds. There are several things that can interfere with sleeping. One of the biggest sleeping disorders is that a person has a vitamin D deficiency. They are not getting enough vitamin D in their diet and this affects both the quality and the amount of sleep that a person is getting.

The way that people live can lead to a vitamin D deficiency. When a person is outdoors they wear clothing including long sleeves and pants. Many people also wear sunscreen. This will block the vitamin D that a person is able to get in nature. A person may not get vitamin D directly from the rays of the sun. There is an interaction with the UVB light that comes from the sun with the cholesterol derivative in the skin that allows the body to use vitamin D. While the sun is an important source of vitamin D it is not the only way that a person can get this important vitamin in their diet.
There are many foods that are rich in vitamin D. If a person is not eating enough of these foods they can take a supplement that has D3 in it.

How Vitamin D can improve your Sleep

This will help the body maintain the levels of vitamin D that is needed for help and for sleep. Supplements alone may not prevent a deficiency in vitamin D. If a person has too much of this vitamin in their diet it can also cause trouble sleeping. A person has to make sure they take the right amount of international units of this vitamin on a daily basis to make sure they get a good night’s sleep.

According to experts a person needs 1,000 iu of vitamin D for every 25 pounds that they weight. To find out the exact amount that is needed it is recommended a person get a blood test so they can known their ideal dosage. In order to be healthy a person needs between 3,000 and 5,000 iu of vitamin D every day.

There are other factors that are going to affect the amount of vitamin D a person needs in order to get a good night’s sleep. These factors include weight, age, the ability to absorb the vitamin, skin tone, and average exposure to the sun. If a person is outside and they start to experience sunburn they do not need to take a vitamin D supplement.

Too much vitamin D

Too much vitamin D can cause harm as well. A person will have trouble sleeping and getting into a deep sleep. Too much vitamin D can lead to headaches and inflammation as well.

There are times when a person can tell their body needs more vitamins especially vitamin D. If a person has trouble sleeping they may be lacking this vitamin. To see if a vitamin D deficiency is interfering with sleep a person should take some vitamin D in the morning. They will notice they are able to get to sleep quicker, stay asleep longer, and have increased REM deep sleep.

If this vitamin is taken at night a person may have a reduce quality of sleep. In addition to getting a good night’s sleep if a person is lacking vitamin D they may be at an increased risk for cancer. Vitamin D can help control inflammation, reduce the chance a person has of developing heart disease, and a person may be in a foul mood if they do not have the proper vitamins in their body. Many people do not know that they are vitamin D deficient. Once they find out and start taking addition vitamin D they are impressed at how much their quality of life has improved.

If a person is unsure if they are getting enough vitamin D in their diet they should see their doctor and get tested. The doctor will be able to tell if they are deficient. A person can also get tested at Wellness FX. There are other labs that a person can find with an internet search.

If a person has a level of vitamin D below 30 ng/ml then they will need to find a way to get additional vitamin D in their diet. Once a person has the correct level of vitamin D they will notice that they are able to sleep better and their overall happiness will increase.

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