How to Wake Up early Without an Alarm Clock

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The truth is that we have neither early birds nor owls. But there are people who used to stay awake in the morning. Conversely, there are those who are accustomed to perform all of the activity in the afternoon. In fact, a sleep is a pre-programmed habit presenting a specific set of actions and reactions.

If explained scientifically, there exist certain patterns of behavior firmly kept in our minds and forming the overwhelming majority of our daily actions and, consequently, their results.

Without any doubt, the idea of sleeping without an alarm clock sounds better than early rise. We mean that you get up intuitively, without all the hooks of contemporary realities, happy about a new day and a little new life. You should learn how to wake up at any time in the morning and do things with the sense of comfort.

How to Wake Up early Without an Alarm Clock

How to wake up early in the morning

In this article, we suggest some practical tips and tricks that can help you with early and unproblematic rise in the morning.

Early wake up means an early bedtime.

It’s not only about what time you get up and the amount of hours you sleep. First and foremost, sleep means recuperation, so it is necessary exactly to the extent that is needed for your body.

Most sources claim that the optimal sleep time for an adult healthy person is 8 hours. There are some variations here: 9 hours is enough if you are tired, but within the permissible norm. 10 hours is optimal for an ill person. 12 hours of sleep can happen after a serious physical or emotional overload.

We would never recommend reducing the time of sleep for no reason, since a restful sleep provides a full life. This leads to the obvious and the most desirable conclusion: early rise means an early bedtime. This is the fact especially if you are over 25 years of age and your body needs more energy.

Haruki Murakami has a wonderful book “What I talk about when I talk about running.” This is the autobiographical story of a man who at 33 has completely changed his life. Being the owner of a small bar, he became a writer. From a heavy smoker he changed to a marathon runner. And the most important thing is that he became an early riser from inveterate owl. The main character shows by example what it means to change your everyday habits.

The first month is the most complicated thing

If you transmit from an early get up to the state of “owl”, the first time you will not escape from the turbulence. It is necessary simply to survive. In this case, you should simply force your body to wake up early.

If you get up at 6 am (or another time, which for you means “early”) for three days and wait a day, then on the fourth day you will “crawl in the bed” at 10-11 o’clock in the evening. And once you go to bed early, then the recovery will be already easier. The circle is completed. You have become a lark. Congratulations!

4 Tips to Wake Up Without an Alarm Clock

Try these 4 tips to help wake up naturally without the need for that annoying alarm clock sound.

Wake up to sunlight

Waking up to sunlight is a natural way to wake up, how many times have you woken up because of the sunlight before your alarm has gone off. This is because the light tells your body to stop producing the sleep hormone and that it is time to wake up. This is perfect in the summer months, however in the winter, or when you get up before sunrise this is not possible. Using a sunrise wake up light replicates a sunrise even if it is dark outside, this helps to wake you up in the morning and help get into a routine of waking up without the need of a horrible alarm clock sound.

Do not eat at least 3 hours before bedtime.

Do not overload your stomach with the process of digesting food. Thus, you will get better and easier sleep. If today you regularly eat before going to bed, it’s still the habit. Try an experiment to live at least a week (ideally, a month) in the other way and you will feel the difference, which impacts not only your sleep state, but also the whole state of health and physical appearance.

Start the morning rituals.

Drink a glass of water, wash your face, do exercises to music and sleep will no longer come. Introduce these simple habits to your life. Healthy rituals guarantee a healthy mood for the whole day. A healthy day generates a healthy life.

Step-by-step principle

Do not try to drastically implement early sleep habits. Try to make progress from week to week to move to the desired rhythm. For a month you will completely adjust a convenient schedule. When the body is rebuilt, you will be able to catch yourself waking up earlier than planned call for 5 minutes or even more.

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