How to Stop Feeling Groggy in the Morning

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We have all been there, the dreaded alarm goes you you feel like you need to sleep for another 4 hours, hitting the snooze button, again and again until you know you need to roll out. But what about these morning people, the people that wake up early feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy the day. Here are 5 ways to help get that feeling and beat the morning grogginess.

1. The Night before – Don’t eat a heavy meal for dinner or to late, the same goes for alcohol and coffee, if you want to sleep well try and avoid these. Both will rob you of sleep and although alcohol makes you feel relaxed, when it comes to sleeping it will awaken you brain 3-4 hours after your last drink.

2. Darkness – When bedtime comes ensure you are in a cool dark room, no TV, no flashing lights and no mobile phones. All of the light from these devices will keep your mind awake and alert, where as a cool dark bedroom will help you shut down and relax ready for a good nights sleep.

3. Sleep – Ensure you get enough sleep, staying up till 1am watching your favourite TV series on Netflix while having to get up at 6am for work the next day is certainly not going to make you feel refreshed the next day. If you want to wake up feeling great then make sure you get enough sleep, while it’s generally recommended that adults log seven to nine hours of sleep, not everybody fits this rule, says psychiatrist Tracey I. Marks, M.D., author of “Master Your Sleep.”

4. Wake up to the Sun – Depending on the time you need to get up in the morning and the season it maybe dark outside, so when your alarm goes off your room is still dark. Waking up to sunlight helps the body awaken and slowly get your ready for the day awakening you slowly and naturally. A Sunrise wake up light will help do this, creating a natural sunlight effect it will slowly light up and be a full brightness for when you need to get up, no more dreaded alarm clock sounds or buzzers, a calming natural light that will help you feel awake and refreshed. Find out more about how Sunrise wake up alarms work here.

5. Drink up – As soon as you wake up drink a full glass of water, after your nights sleep your body will be dehydrated  and this will make you feel tired, so a glass of water will help the body get going and give you the boost you need.

These are 5 simple steps that will have a big effect on your nights sleep and how you feel in the morning, take these to day and quickly lose the morning grogginess.

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