How to Naturally Wake Up

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If you set up 4-5 different alarms with 10 minute difference and always wake up after the last one or you hit the snooze button multiple times before you finally wake up, then you are one among millions of people who find it difficult to wake up without help from someone or something.

How to Naturally Wake Up

If you do not wake up on Monday mornings and snooze off for a few hours more, it will do you more harm than good. Without a proper sleep cycle, your mind can divert back to the starting point of the sleep cycle which can mean that you remain drowse for most parts of the day. Sleep itertia can last a long time.

How to Naturally Wake Up

In one study, it was discovered that sleep inertia took as much as two to four hours or more to go away completely, with it taking several hours before participants were able to full have their cognitive abilities back. Another study has found that few of the reasons for the disturbance in sleep cycle is the use of alcohol, cigarettes or increasing caffeine use. There was yet another study that claimed how sleeping time rather than hours affected a students performance in academic.

The Different Kinds of Sleep

It isn’t impossible to wake up naturally on your own, without the help of anything else. Why? Because your body has a clock of its own, this can be trained to wake you up every day without any external force. Have you realized that you feel much better on days when you wake up without being forced to wake up?

There are different stages of sleep in a sleep cycle, light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement). Your sleep cycle starts with the light sleep and then moves on to deep sleep. At the end of the deep and REM sleep when your body rejuvenates itself and gets rid of all tiredness, you are into the light sleep again. If your body wakes up when you are in light sleep then you wake up feeling fresh and relaxed, but if you wake up during deep sleep then you are most likely to feel tired and groggy.

Tips to Improve Your Sleep Pattern

Waking up on your own has a lot of advantages over waking up forcibly. If you are woken up by an alarm clock then over a longer period you tend to have problems with memory and counting skills as your body is finding it hard to cope with all stress you are putting it under. So here is what you should do to wake up naturally.

You need to stick to a bedtime routine, go to sleep at the same time every night and wake up naturally at whatever time you can, without the help of an alarm clock. If you are afraid of waking up late to go to office or school then sleep early.

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Listening to music instead of the beeps of an alarm are much more soothing and relaxing for your body.

Keep the curtains of your room slightly open so that natural light enters your room in the morning and you wake up easily. If you block all light from entering your room it is much difficult to wake up. These days you also have bedside wakeup lights available that will slowly light up in the mornings resembling sunrise. These help you to wake up gradually and not with a sudden interruption.

Have an exercise schedule. Exercising or taking walks every day keeps your body active and thus easier to wake up without feeling dull or lazy.

Eating the right food is also very important. Avoid eating food with high fat or sugar content. Try not eating a heavy, rich meal at night. Maintain at least a 1-hour gap between dinner and going to bed.

It is important to have comfortable sleeping conditions. Make sure that your bed is comfortable and you have a proper pillow. Also, set the temperature of the room to a comfortable level.

Chalk out a plan for the next day before going to bed. This lets your mind and body know you have things to do in the morning and this somehow makes it easier to wake up in the morning.

Turn off screens, at least, an hour before you go off to sleep, this includes your TV, computer and laptop. Stop using these an hour before your bed time and spend the rest of the time writing or reading something. This usually helps you sleep better.

Don’t disrupt your sleep or waking up schedule or weekends. It’s important that you carry it on throughout the week

Consuming coffee late at night leads to disturbed sleep, avoid it just before bedtime. Coffee and other medications which might contain caffeine should be taken some hours in advance.

Get a Sleep Routine

Why a Good Sleep Routine Is One Thing You Need to Focus On… Do not be stressed from your work and sleep for at least 8 hours in a day to give your mind and body the sleep it needs. Naturally waking up will mean that you can be more productive in your life and have a healthier body. You need to train your body and this will not happen overnight. You need to understand what your body needs, how much sleep it actually requires and this needs a lot of dedication from your side. Don’t try for sudden changes in the sleep routine. Changing it gradually is the right approach as it gives your body a chance to adapt to your changes.

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