Our Guide on How to Wake Up Fast

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When you have to be up bright and early you need to introduce a bit of organization to your life. There are times when you will end up going to bed late and the alarm clock ringing in your ears makes you feel like getting out of bed is a gargantuan struggle.

How to wake up fast

Make morning activities a priority.

Getting up, having a shower and a cup of coffee, making a healthy breakfast and double checking your plans for the morning is a precious time frame that clears your mind and sets you up for the day. Even if you’re exhausted spending an extra hour in bed and then dashing out of the house disorganized won’t help you feel awake, it will teach you to dread the mornings and cling to that duvet!

Master the Art of Waking Up and Beat your Alarm Clock

When the alarm goes think about your morning routine and not feeling groggy. If you don’t get up and give yourself time to prepare you will feel low all day.

Get to sleep fast.

Nothing wastes more snoozing time than tossing and turning at night. Just as you need to react to the morning with a pre programmed response the same goes for the night time. Establish a routine that you do every night before bed. This will train you to fall asleep as soon as you get into bed.

This method may include a thought process; clearing your mind of all you’ve done and have to do and embracing the fact that it’s the end of the day. When it’s time to sleep, sleep.

Bond with your alarm.

For most people the alarm going off creates a sense of dread and the urge to slap down that snooze button. You have to program a response to the alarm that is helpful and not unhelpful.

Try putting the alarm on the other side of the room so you have to get up to switch it off. You can also experiment with different alarm sounds; a harsh sound, a babbling brook, your favorite song or even a recorded motivational message.

Don’t live with hating your alarm clock, experiment with ways to make the process work for you.

Boost your exercise levels.

You’ll never get to sleep at night if you’re not tired. Even something as simple as a walk of 15 minutes or running up and down your stairs can help.

People who are fitter and healthier deal with stress better. So all those problems that keep you awake at night and make you a grumpy customer in the morning would be easier to manage. It’s easy to think you have too many problems and are too busy to devote time to exercise however if you do you will get much better at managing stress without doing anything else.

Have something you look forward to in the morning.

When you wake up and feel the pull of drowsiness tugging you back under the covers you want something to spur you out of bed. Think back to being a child, were you ever too tired to get up early on Christmas morning?

You could make extra effort for your breakfast with a quality coffee or some fabulous fruit. Maybe you can run a blog and get up to check your comments.

Adjust lighting.

A little bit of natural light filtering through in the morning will help you get up. See if you can work something out in your bedroom to let the morning come to you.

Adjust room temperature.

Most heating systems are now programmable. It’s very unpleasant to get out of bed on a freezing morning when the mattress it all cozy and warm. Program a heating boost for the morning to remove this obstacle. Put a rug on your floor if it’s not carpeted so you don’t have a nasty shock when you step out of bed.

Get excited about your day.

If you hate your job, have no hobbies and find each day a boring or stressful drag then there’s few tips and tricks that will really be more than a palliative when it comes to leaping out of bed and embracing a new day.

In order to be productive we all need short and long term goals which make every day worthwhile. Maybe today you want to get your to do list done at work and then go to a park, class or some form of entertainment. Maybe you want to have friends over for dinner or work on a novel.

If you have a reward system set up in your life you will be motivated to do all the things you don’t really feel like doing and getting out of bed in the morning is one of those things.

Put these tips into practice you’ll soon be jumping out of bed in the mornings totally enthused about your day!

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