Flux Bluetooth LED Smart Bulb Sunrise Light

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Flux Bluetooth LED Smart Bulb Sunrise Light is the best choice especially when you want to have more control over those lighting. It is designed to meet your personal needs. With the help of your Smartphone, you can easily use your bulb. You can let the bulb dance to your music. We know that it’s hectic to recreate natural lighting since natural lights are known to keep on changing.

Flux Bluetooth LED Smart Bulb

It’s an impressive product but simple and efficient. Installing it is a snap and using, too. With its lifetime of up to 20,000 hours, you can save a lot of money while looking cool. Something interesting is that you can sync light to the favorite songs and then enjoy each beat to the maximum level. You can now transform your room into a dance floor with this stuff. You won’t believe that you can effortlessly create a relaxing as well as tranquil atmosphere without breaking your bank.

After your long day, you can great a way of relaxing and unwind and if you have kids, you can as well make their bedtime experience enjoyable. One of cool feature about this stuff is that it features wake-up lights and so you can schedule the bulb to turn on/off at specific time. Thanks to sunrise feature that can enable your bulb gradually brighten as your kids wake-up. You can come to your home to a bright and also well lit home which is great achievement. With this bulb at your hand, you will enjoy tons of possibilities which are endless.

If you own a Smartphone or a tablet, you will find it easy to use this Bluetooth-LED smart bulb. Thanks to Flux Bluetooth app that will always allow users to control a single bulb or even group bulbs and you can also control them together. You don’t have to purchase controllers nor hubs anymore. Every color of this stuff is dimmable and you can effortlessly pair it with your Flux Bluetooth Light Strip and then make the perfect ambience which your guests will wonder about your skills.

The scene mode is perfect when it comes to relieving your favorite memories and you can as well bring your photos to life. One more thing is about the camera mode and guess what my friend the camera on your Smartphone will now act as your color picker for your bulb. Do you know that it has been proven that being awakened by natural light is the best way? Well, this Flux Bluetooth Smart bulb will come to your doorstep with built-in sunrise as well as sunset modes to let you gently wake-up in every morning.

The share custom modes will let you share them with your neighbors, friends and family via emails or SMS. Thanks to color setting modes that can effortlessly allow you to specify your RGB color that you want to set your bulb to. The faster startup features is another great deal to let users startup their bulb in about 0.5 seconds which is one of the fastest start-up times for your smart bulb.

To make your work easier, here are some of the cool features of this smart bulb

  • Sunrise/sunset modes to let you gradually brighten your light
  • Longer transition delays to enable you have a delay of up to 30 minutes for every single transition cycle
  • Scene mode to let you brighten your favorite photos to life
  • Color setting to deliver the precision which you require sometimes
  • Camera mode to give users a cool color which they can see.
  • Share custom modes to let you share with your friends and family via SMS or email

Are you now ready to give Flux Bluetooth LED sunrise light bulb a try? This bulb will worth your money. You need several of them for your living room and for your bedroom. You will fall in love with the ability to change the color and the timer set will let you turn the lights on at your specific time. Setting the Bluetooth is effortless and more convenient than using a remote control. If you’re used to Phillips Hue lights, then this one is a must buy and a great alternative. You will never have to sync to your phone every night when you’re using the sunrise feature.

This item has fetched a lot of positive reviews and its one of unique product to own.

Flux Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb - Color Changing Light Bulb - Sunrise Wake Up Light - Dimmable LED Light Bulbs - App Controlled Wireless Sleeping Light - No Hub Required
  • INFINITE POSSIBILITIES - Wished you had more control over your lighting? With the Flux Bluetooth smart bulb you can. Smartphone controlled with a color palette of 16 million colors plus cool and warm white, you can now personalize your lighting to suit your needs. And every color is dimmable. Pair it with the Flux Bluetooth Light Strip and create the perfect ambiance.
  • WAKE UP LIGHTS - Schedule your bulb to turn on or off at specific time. Use the "Sunrise" feature to have the bulb gradually brighten as you wake up. Come home to a bright and well lit home. The possibilities are endless.
  • SMARTPHONE CONTROLLED - Take control of your lighting from your Smartphone or Tablet. The Flux Bluetooth app allows you to control a single bulb, or group bulbs and control them together. No controllers or hubs needed.

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