BioBrite Pearl SunRise Alarm Clock Review

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BioBrite Pearl SunRise Alarm Clock
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    Editor: 80%
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    Editor: 85%
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Summary: A great all round Sunrise light from BioBrite, it is great value, easy to sue and does the job well waking you up gently.


The BioBrite Pearl SunRise Alarm Clock with sleep sounds allows you to set your own sunrise and sunset times. There is also an option for the alarm to play soothing sounds that could help you to drift off into a peaceful sleep. It will also play different sounds in the morning that can help to wake you up. There is also a power reserve so that if the power were to fail during the night, the alarm would still go off in the morning. The smart display dims down at night which means that it is less likely to disturb you. There is also a snooze button, which is a function that many people look for in an alarm clock.


The alarm clock uses a 60w bulb that can easily be replaced when needed. The glass that covers this bulb is made from hand blown glass which is quite a distinctive design feature. The color of the bottom of the unit is described as pearl, and this is a soft silver color which works well with the glass cover, whether the light is on or not. The unit itself is fairly big and this may cause a problem if you want to take it on holiday with you as it will take up quite a lot of space in your suitcase. If you have small shelves, you may struggle slightly for space.

Ease Of Use

You are able to set the light and the sounds to be on for the length of time that you choose. You can also choose to have the light and not the sound or vice versa, so it is fairly easy to customize it to the settings that you want. There are buttons on the front that can control the settings of the clock, but you may need to read the instructions beforehand, as it may not be immediately obvious what each of these buttons are for. Once the initial set up has been completed, it it easier to change the time of the alarms. This BioBrite alarm clock will last for several years before it needs to be replaced.

Bottom Line

The sunrise and sunset feature seems to be more popular than the sounds that the alarm can play. The sunrise can help wake you up gradually, rather than with a sudden jolt like more traditional alarm. Even if you do choose to use a sound as well, this is also more peaceful than a piercing alarm. The light can also be used for a night light for a baby or young child to help them drift off to sleep. This sunrise wake up alarm can also be a good choice if you are worried about waking your partner with a loud alarm, but you don’t think that they will be disturbed by the light. It will cost more money than more traditional alarm clocks, but some users do feel that it is worth the extra expense because it is much more effective at waking them up.

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