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Humans have adapted many ways of providing alarms, from church bells ringing, cock-a-doodle-doo, dogs barking to change of seasons. However things have changed with smart phones which are now an sessional part of every day life. Waking up from a sunrise alarm clock helps you to have a perfect transition from sleep to awakening, just like waking up to a real sunrise. The gentle alarm sounds wake you, scaring the life out of you. Below we have rounded up some of the best sunrise alarm apps out there both for iPhone and Android.

Doubletwist Alarm clock

It is simply an amazing app in the Google play store for android phones. It is simple , intuitive and highly functional. It gives you a perfect awakening to your favorite medley.


Has two clock modes: flip and analog clock. The alarm can be set through four modes; time, sleep cycle. Quick nap or sunrise.
You can have multiple alarms set for weekdays and weekends
Choose from built-in alarm sounds and ringtones
It is simply the best app for those who have difficult in their sleep.

Right time Xtreme alarm clock

This is the best choice who need a free smart alarm system. Right time free best alarms system s giving this features;
Weekly alarm in that you can set it and have musical ringtone that you would love to listen to
This app can help you get to know the weather conditions and forecast for a week
You can customize your settings and track your sleeping.

It simply provides with and outstanding design and better than iphone alarm clock.

Electric dawn alarm

This is a perfect sunrise alarm. It is highly configured to suit your specific needs. You can trust that you wake up refreshed without feeling groggy or confused.

It comes along with high quality nature sounds that runs for at least 1 minute before looping. The sounds cut across all the nature settings. From birds singing, sea rolling, waves lapping to other exotic sounds

Its display is quite good with either portrait or landscape. It analyzes your sleeping cycle and gives a perfect transition to your wake up session. It is a quite reliable app.

Smart alarm

This alarm clock has the mode to increase gradually with an alarm sound. It has vibration that can set by the strength of two stage in that you are not surprised to sound loud alarm

You can customize side key , back key and menu key for stopping or snoozing. You can set your own alarm ringtone from the music that is on SD card. You can set it whether you want to output an alarm sound from speaker of the device when the headphones are plugged in.

Rooster alarm clock

This app is easy to use. Do you like getting up at sunrise? Or are you longing for country life? You need to get this application. Everything is simple and minimalistic.


You get notified that the operating system has finished booting. It has a power manager wake locks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming. You can set your own alarm sound since it can write to external storage. It has a beautiful interface with a dynamic set up time based on sun events. It is easy to download, grab it!

Sunrise sunset alarm

Sunrise sunset alarm app is the way to go. It works even the app is not running! Set your alarm using your current GPS latitude and longitude data to display the sunrise and sunset for any date, past present or future. You can allocate different alarm sounds for any times of the day. Well this app is particularly suitable for mountain climbers, anglers, photographers and movie crews.

The con for the app is on errors display can be expected to increase on equator distance, elevation decrease or increase from sea level.

Alarm clock wake up time app

This is an ultimate Timepiece. It has an in-built player wake up and fall asleep that can be used from your music library. It has a gorgeous display which is fully adjustable. The 12 or 24 hour clock is large and conspicuous with small icons to show that the alarm clock is active.

It has a vibrate mode function that can be set automatically. It has a snooze times that can even be set to fade in for a gentle awakening with adjustable volume. It has stylish design from amazing interface that customizes your alarm clock.

Well alarm clock apps are interesting and beneficial to have for your phone. Just tap and download one that fits your description.


  1. Paul

    Does anyone know if I can I set the alarm for, say, 15 minutes before sunrise every day? So I can get up and out to the sunrise spot. Hope that makes sense.


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