Best Cheap & Budget Sunrise Wake Up Lights

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When it comes to sunrise wake up lights there are a lot to choose from, and in terms of costs there is a spread from high to low. Depending on what features you want and the quality of the design you will be looking at the higher end of the price spectrum, however in this round up we take a look at the cheaper end of the scale and take a look at some of the lower budget sunrise wake up alarm clocks.

Best Cheap & Budget Sunrise Wake Up Lights

We round up the best sunrise wake up alarm clocks on the market.

Best Cheap & Budget Sunrise Wake Up Lights

Denver CRL-300 Simulated Sunrise Wake Up Light Alarm


Another model at under £40 the Denver CRL-300 looks like a large snow globe, with a black base that shows the time and display under a blue backlight. This model has a lot of features, not only does it have a sunrise wake up light and simulator, it also has a sunset function to help you nod off, there is a snooze function built in, and a FM radio. Another useful feature is the battery back up, if you have a power cut in the night the alarm will still work and know what time to go off as it resorts to its batterie back up. The LED sunrise light can be set to come on over a 15 to 90 minute period, you can also set to be awoken by one of the included alarm clock nature sounds, such as the sounds from the forest, ocean, brook or birds. If nature’s sounds aren’t vibrant enough to finally get you out of bed choose from classic buzzer or radio.

Lumie Bodyclock STARTER 30 Wake-Up Light


The Starter 30 model is the entry model and cheapest model from Lumie, a popular and well designed sunrise wake up alarm clock brand. The Lumie body clock starter has a 30 minute sunrise options as well as sunset functionality too, helping you get to sleep at night. There is also a dimmable bedside light, snooze function and a back up beeper to ensure you are up. This cheap Lumie sunrise light is a certified Medical Device (class 1) designed and manufactured by Lumie, so it has medical support and evidence behind it, and it really does help and work in getting you up in the morning and feeling more energised. Unlike others of the market this model comes with a 2 year guarantee. It is worth noting that this also uses a halogen bulb as opposed to LED’s that are now commonly used on other budget wake up alarms. 

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock HF3500/01


The Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock HF3500/01 is the cheapest budget sunrise light from Philips in their range, however it is also the most expensive in our budget round up. Although at the top end of the Budget Sunrise Wake Up Lights I believe it is the best looking and best designed light. In terms of features it has a brightness which  increases over 30 minutes, from the faintest dim yellow to 200 lux bright yellow, reflecting a beautiful sunrise, there is also a back up beeping sound to like other models. This sunrise light uses LED lighting and includes a snooze function, the downsides to this model is the lack of functionality, there is no sunset feature, radio and it only has 1 wake up beeper sound. You do get a quality product designed by Philips that are clinically proven to work – 92% of users agree it makes it easier to get out of bed in their testing.

iBoutique Premium Natural Sunrise Alarm Clock / Dawn Simulator


This model is a great price at under £40 and is a good entry model that does what you need. It has 15 built in LEDs that light up over a 20 minute period creating the sunrise effect. It can run off the mains with the included adapter, of you can use batteries, so it is great for travelling with if you work away from home. There is a snooze button as well as a backlight on off option, the screen also displays the room temperature monitor and there is also a back up beeper which you can turn on and off which will sound when you need to get up. This isn’t the best looking sunrise light on the market by any means, however for its price it does the job well and is a good budget sunrise light. 

Whichever sunrise light you purchase they will all work and they will all make a different in how you feel and get up in the morning. How much you spend and which model you go for really depends on your budget, what features you want and will use and how important the design is to you. A budget sunrise wake up like will make a big different and is worth investing in even if you go for the cheapest on the market, it is still worth doing.

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