Amir Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock Review

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Amir Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock Review
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Summary: The Amir sunrise simulation alarm clock is a malfunctioned device. This is an important device that has a radio. The radio is designed in a traditional way. This is proved by its capabibility of having 10 channels that have a loud sound.

Many people find it difficult to wake up on time. This problem can only be solved by Amir’s sunrise stimulation alarm clock. This is an excellent mulfuctional alarm clock that does much. The alarm clock is inspired by a natural brightening at the sunrise. Simulated alarm clock is a refreshment of your sunrise. It is an amazing gadget that you can set time for waking up easily.

Quick Stats

LED Light
Alarm Sounds
FM Radio
Minute Wake Up

Moreover; you can increase its brightness or decrease according on how you want it to be. This is the best way of stimulating your body to wake up in a comfortable manner. Many people have liked it much because of its gorgeous features.Its features include:

Important features of Amir Sunrise simulation alarm clock

  • It is malfunctioned
  • It is designed in a unique way
  • Has a wonderful time projector
  • Has 5 powerful nature sounds
  • The alarm clock has a USB port
  • It has an automatic time set
  • It is made of strong material
  • They are of different colors

Amir sunrise simulation alarm clock is a malfunctioned device. This is an important device that has a radio. The radio is designed in a traditional way. This is proved by its capability of having 10 channels that have a loud sound. The radio has a digital tunnel where you can tune to change stations. The alarm clock also can be used as an alarm clock, an atmosphere lamp or a beside lamp. This is a nice way to start your day.


This is a perfect device which is designed in a unique way. It is designed fashionably fit modern decor. This is a digital stylish that you need to prove it to yourself. Its round smooth surface is great. When buying this, you will not regret at all.Moreover,it comes with an extended leg which is automatic. It is also light weight. This makes it easy to be carried to wherever you want.

Amir sunrise simulation alarm clock has a swirl projector which can tilt up to 180 degrees celcius.Its time can be projected into a ceiling or a wall. This can help you to project it in a virtual manner. It can be done while the adjustable focus knob is clear.Moreover; it is easy to turn the projector on and off.

Amir Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock Review

In addition, the alarm clock is special since it has 5 powerful nature sounds. Even if you were deep asleep, the five beautiful sounds are loud enough to wake you up. The sounds include birds, forests e.t.c.The sounds are so soothing and can make you to sleep during sunset. The sounds are not only sleep aids but also a stress relieves helper.

The alarm clock comes with a USB port and a power adopter The USB port is side mounted to charge any compatible devices. The devices may include; an mp3s player, a Smartphone or a tablet. Amir’s sunrise simulation is the perfect that you need to have.

The product has an automatic time set. The alarm clock is set according to the Eastern Standard Time. You can easily plug it and set it according to your time zone. It displays its time at the centre where you can see easily. In addition, it has a built in calendar that can recognize the date in an automatic way.

This alarm clock has a place where you can insert the AAA batteries. These can serve as a backup when the power cord accidentally disconnects. The battery can help in retaining the time and alarm settings.

Amir Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock Review

Every person is unique when it comes to selection of the color. The alarm clock are of different colors where you need to select from. On the other hand, the alarm clock has two types of light; colored light and white light. The white light has 4 different brightness where you need to select the one you prefer.


  • Has a back up battery incase of a power cut
  • It is durable
  • It has a built in radio


  • It has a short cable that makes it hard to navigate.

Customer reviews

Many customers in Amazon have used the product. For the 75% of those who have used it, it worked perfect for them. One customer says that with the Amir Sunrise simulation, he can now read while lying on his bed.

The other customer said that she bought it to her son who had a problem of waking up earlier. She remarked by saying that it has been helpful to the sun since it has eased his programmes.It was a great Christmas gift in deed.

The others say that the product is worth it to be purchased at that price. Those are a few. Amir sunrise simulation alarm clock is amazing for great people like you.

AMIR Wake-Up Light, Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock, Nature Night Light, 5 Colors Atmosphere Lamp, 3 Brightness Bedside Lamp, Morning Wake-Up Alarm Light with Nature Sounds & FM Radio - Touch Control
Our Rating
  • Wake You Up Naturally: 30 minutes before your alarm time, the sunrise simulation light will gradually brighten from 1% of brightness to 100%, the alarm will ring gradually louder which gently bring you out of deep sleep with natural sounds.
  • FM Radio Alarm: You can set FM radio alarm, and you will be waken up with the radio show you like. You can also use it to enjoy the show and relax yourselves.
  • 10 Brightness To Adjust: You can adjust the brightness for personal preferences. The light simulates flow of sunrise also can be used as mood lamp because of the multi brightness.

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    I bought this product via Amazon but lost its instruction manual. Now, I am finding it difficult to set it up by myself can you please send me the instruction manual.
    thank you


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