11 Tips for the Perfect Nights Sleep [Infographic]

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Sleep is a very important bodily function for everybody. Currently there are very many people who experience insomnia due to various factors and reasons in their daily lives. Because of this, there has been an increase in poor health in most people as sleep helps boost the immune system to ensure good health.

Infographic - 11 Tips for the Perfect Nights Sleep

Scientists have identified sleep time as the time when the pituitary glands produce melatonin which is an anti-oxidant that works to fight most of the disease causing factors including free radicals that may lead to development of cancer. This there’re puts sleep up there as the best way to keep healthy. Just as little sleep is detrimental so is an excess of it. Well too much of everything is not good.

11 Tips for the Perfect Nights Sleep Infographic

  1. A good mattress and beddings
  2. Regulate the room temperature
  3. Good diet
  4. Reduce the amount of noise in the room
  5. Have a regular sleep pattern
  6. Keep cellphones away from you
  7. Avoid anything that may bring you stress
  8. Avoid the use of any type of medication to induce sleep
  9. Only use the bedroom to sleep
  10. Get a little sun during the day
  11. Avoid sleeping during the day

There are many factors that can lead to lack of good sleep. Some of these factors could include poor diet, stress, ill health, bad sleeping habits among others. All these contribute to a poor sleepless night which in turn affects the next day’s work or duties.

There are various ways that can be applied to help increase the odds of you getting a good night sleep. Some of them include

Ensure you have a good mattress and beddings.

The right mattress will provide a comfortable place to lie down and sleep. This will also encourage you to sleep. Unlike a bad mattress that has bumps and all thot, it will keep you up all night without sleep. The right beddings that will keep you warm at night are also important. It is very important to be warm at night. This keep your body temperature normal providing the body with the perfect relaxation temperature.

Regulate the room temperature.

The thermostat should be set to the right temperature keeping in mind the temperature of the room will determine just how comfortable you are when sleeping. Some people like the room a little so that they can be under the sheets and not be too warm while others like not using the covers so set the room temperature a little higher. All this is depended on the individual. Ensure you have the right temperature when going to bed

Good diet.

The perfect diet before bed will help you get a good night sleep. Remember there are foods that could lead to poor sleep. The best diet before bed should be light so as not keep the body working. Some examples of foods that you can eat before bed include; fruits, milk and also remember to add water into your diet to ensure the body is hydrated. Some foods and drinks that should be avoided include such as alcohol and energy drinks that will increase the energy in your body so keep you awake. Others include coffee, dark chocolate, spicy foods etc. This contribute to lack of sleep too.

Reduce the amount of noise in the room.

This includes alarm clock and other devices such as phones, tablets and anything else that may chime and disrupt sleep. Remember noise is an enemy of good night sleep. Apart from that waking up the body in a jolt does disrupt the normal bodily functions and cause the body to get shocked. Getting rid of all sources of noise in the bedroom helps avoid any sources of sleep disruptions from unwanted noise.

Have a regular sleep pattern.

When the body is maintained on a regular pattern, then it learns its sleeping time and when it should be awake. With a regular pattern the body is maintained, then attaining sleep is not a problem. This makes it easy to get sleep and sleep through the night.

Keep cellphones away from you

Just before bed, ensure you do not check your email, text or Facebook status or anything on these devices. They are any easy way to disrupt your sleep and keep you awake. It is very easy for you to see something interesting and end up concentrating on it instead of sleeping. This destroys any prospects of sleeping then hence keeping you from sleeping.

Avoid anything that may bring you stress.

Stress is a contributor of poor sleeping. With stress, you will find your sleep is not able to rest so that you can sleep. Because of this, you should do all you can to avoid any stress just before you sleep. Leave anything that may lead to lack of sleep outside our bedroom walls.

Avoid the use of any type of medication to induce sleep.

Once you get yourself hooked on sleeping pills, you will not be able to do so without these drugs. Making your body dependent on drugs for sleep is something that should be avoided at all times. These drugs may lead to a much worse case of insomnia when coming off of them than you had before. If they are prescribed to you by the doctor, use them till the dosage is over then stop.

Only use the bedroom to sleep

This will help you associate the bed with sleep only and no other things such as working from the bedroom. Remember this is somewhere you should come to rest and not carry your work with you. Anything other than sleep should be something that helps you relax such as reading a book.

Get a little sun during the day.

This helps balance the light and dark times of the day. Apart from that, the body also needs some sunlight for production of vitamin d which is essential for the body. You can get the sunlight through taking a walk outside or even sitting under the sun for at least 60 seconds everyday

Avoid sleeping during the day unless it’s absolutely necessary

This is important in maintaining the body’s clock at its best. For you to get the best sleep at night ensure, it’s only then you sleep. Sleeping during the day may be counter-productive. Sometimes it may cause lack of a good sleep during the night.

Sleeping is important. Ensuring you get a good night sleep will give you enough energy to wake up and face the next day with enthusiasm.

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